John Curphey
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Practice & Education

John Curphey


Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy,

Master of Divinity

I seek to help people tap into the strength and resilience which is native to their whole self: mind body and spirit.


The demands of life can be weighty and we often need companions in the journey.  That is where supportive talk therapy comes in. 

I believe God has created each of us with multiple inner resources.  We often need help in tapping into those resources.  The goal is to find greater strength in the whole self: body, mind and spirit. It takes coaching to accomplish this.  By tapping into native strengths clients can find greater resilience, confidence in the face of difficulties and expansiveness to live more fully.

As a pastor and therapist I am particularly attuned to people who are grieving losses of various kinds. We have losses related to family, to job, to community and to self.  I have an intuitive style and a compassionate approach which helps people feel supported and understood.

We live in a time in which men need to be more emotionally attuned and self-aware. This does not come easily or automatically.  Many grow up in families where the range of emotional expression was quite limited.  A growing sense of emotional self-awareness puts men in a strong position to navigate relationships successfully.  Marriages flourish.  Women may also carry emotional pain and may find it difficult to integrate the various aspects of their emotional and cognitive experience.  Awareness of the whole self and the integration of body and mind are needed, as well.

somatic experiencing therapy

Recently trained in Somatic Experiencing Therapy and Somatic Experiencing Touch, I help clients find the support they need on a physical level.  This is critical for healing.  Emotional and spiritual healing is tied to the body.  Somatic Experiencing Therapy is used for helping people who are suffering from “old wounds” or from “recent hurts”. The focus of the therapy is on creating the awareness of inner sensations so that the body can be supported in the healing process.  Sometimes there is undue stress related to trauma. Sometimes pain or constriction is “held” in the body and a discharge process is needed.  When the body finds its place of regulation and support, individuals are able to move into greater emotional, cognitive, and spiritual expansiveness and contentment.